Data Backup Solutions

You’ve just lost ALL your data.  Gone!  All accounts, all customer data gone!

This is an unfortunate reality too many businesses encounter.  Many declare bankruptcy.

How will YOUR business cope if all your data is lost?

Ask Computer Troubleshooters Malaga how we can implement backup and business continuity solutions to allow for prompt restore of data.

Data has become the most valuable asset for today’s businesses, which also opens a world of cyber threats.  It is therefore essential that data is protected and secure. Statistics show that data loss can be catastrophic for businesses. The most vulnerable businesses to catastrophic data-loss are those that do not have full time IT resources. Various research reports indicate that almost 50% of these businesses don’t survive a data loss incident.

Computer Troubleshooters Malaga are well versed in all the latest backup technologies including Veeam, ShadowProtect, Symantec Backup Exec and various other technologies for onsite and offsite backups.

There is also a clear trend for organisations to access cloud backup solutions which we can implement.

Our cloud data solutions are secure, integrated, and reliable offering businesses the opportunity of fast and assured recovery of critical data while reducing costs and allowing staff to focus on what matters.

Cloud Backup Services benefits:

  • Affordable, with a lower total cost of ownership (monthly fees – reduced IT costs)

  • Increased flexibility with Anytime, Anywhere Access for the client

  • Minimised disruption with increased reliability and speed of recovery

  • Scaleable with the growth in data requirements

  • Secure and protected in-transit encryption

  • Central repository of data – less chance of it being lost


Did you know that around 600,000 hard drives crash in Australia, every year?

Hard disk drive (HDD) crashes are still the most common cause of data loss in Australia. A survey completed by Kroll Ontrack of Australian customers shows that 56% named HDD crashes or failures as the cause for their most recent data losses.

Causes of Data Loss:


Hardware or System Problem


Human Error


Software Corruption


Computer Viruses


Natural Disasters

Let us provide a solid and affordable data backup solution for your needs

We offer services that include:

  • Local Backup

  • Remote/Cloud Backup

  • Backup Monitoring

  • Managed Backup

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