Computer Troubleshooters Malaga can offer comprehensive business network design, implementation & management services including resilient, redundant, auto-failover networks, diagrams, router & switch configurations, including HP Procurve, Cisco IOS, Linksys, Billion, etc.  VPN server & firewall configurations.

Network design

Get the topology of your network right.  Computer Troubleshooters Malaga produces well-documented, clear network diagrams.  We take all reliability, availability and security concerns into consideration to produce best practice networks.

We can advise on hardware selection, such as routers, switches, firewalls, UTM appliances, VPN concentrators, patch panels and cabinets.

Computer Troubleshooters Malaga can also implement your whole network from procurement, to cabling, router configuration and documentation.

Need a VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) extends a private network across a public network.  This allows office networks to be securely accessed from home or other locations, as if you were in the office.  Security is provided by means of encryption.

Using VPN we can also link multiple offices together to share network resources.

Speak to Computer Troubleshooters Malaga about VPN options available.

Call us anytime for a casual obligation-free chat.  We will also create a fully detailed proposal when we have your requirements.

Cisco expertise

Cisco is the worldwide leader in networking.  We have Cisco certified technicians who can proficiently configure your Cisco routers, switches & firewall devices.

NBN advice

Need to know which NBN provider to sign up with?  NBN options can be a minefield.  Give Computer Troubleshooters a call on (08) 6144 4200 for some free advice.

Managed firewalls

A firewall is a critically important layer of defence against cyber criminals.  Computer Troubleshooter can install a managed firewall for a low monthly cost which includes:
  • Traffic filtering – Explicitly allow/disallow both incoming/outgoing traffic
  • Intrusion Prevention – Intercept attacks based on thousands of signatures
  • Web filter – Block inappropriate web content based on URL categorization (50+ categories)
  • Policy Manager – Create network access policies by username (eg block access to Facebook or only allow access at lunchtimes)
  • Ad blocker – Block web based ads
  • Virus blocker – Checks email, web and ftp traffic for viruses
  • Phishing blocker – Protects staff from email phishing attacks and fraudulent pharming websites
  • Spyware blocker – Protects staff from web pages that install malware
  • Multiple WAN links – Supports a second Internet link for automatic failover when the main NBN link goes offline.
  • Logging and reports – Permits security incidents to be investigated and enforce acceptable network usage policies